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I have been into horses all of my life but miniatures have played a major part of my life for the last few years. For such high maintainence animals it surprises me the lack of information or the trouble I have finding information on all sorts of things. With miniatures it seems like you are dealing with a whole different animal to a horse and there seems to be a lack of information for Australian Miniature Horses so I am hoping to coalate and provide information needed in the one area. Some of the things I have found is if you treat a Miniature Horse like a full grown one it can mean death to your Miniature so felt the need to publish a site. Thanks for reading and please come back as often as you like and need.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Should I rug during winter?

I am left in two states of mind on this issue I have been around horses all of my life and this has always been an issue of contention.

Do I rug?
Yes and No.

If I have a clipped horse and I am showing of course I do but if I can let them get their own protection I do but these are horses that are out in the paddock not stabled and have shelter to get out of the elements too.

First year I started rugging my horse I did it religiously stayed on during rainy days stayed on during cold and removed on the warmer days, well I had a very sick horse that year and the vet suggested unless I was showing let him get his natural coat it is made for all elements that nature can throw at them.

I have pretty much stuck with that one day in and out now and have managed (touch a really big piece of wood) to keep fairly healthy horses and granted one or two of the rugged ones get the sniffles or the coughs occasionally.

I have one stallion that doesn't have the greatest shelter from rain so whenever a storm looks to be brewing he gets a canvas rug shoved on him and makes me sleep better at night anyhow.

A common mistake made by horse owners is that if your horse is in a stable he must be warm and doesn't need rugging right WRONG.

A horse gets warmth by moving and running if they can't do that their body temperature cools down dramatically, so if your horse is being stabled I suggest a light rug with some filling at night if they are left unrugged during the day, if they are rugged 24/7 get a good rug with decent filling.

There are so many rugs to choose from but I am also having trouble finding ones for my minis. Minis seems to be a specialty field in Australia but each year there seems to be more and more providers and allot of folks make them, I couldn't sew for nuts but could still manage to knock up a few polar fleece ones in my time.

What are the best home made or manufactured?

It really does depend who you are buying off and the material they are using I have had some really good privately made ones and I have had some shockers that were so not worth their money.

I guess until you get to know folks stick with the manufactured ones.

How do I rug my mini on the cheap?

EBay often has good bargains but I have found a good way is purchase a waterproof unlined canvas rug and then buy a Donner rug for during winter that way the rug sees you through both seasons but occasionally the little darlings do test their rugs out and it is good to have a spare.

One of the more important things to remember is that their rug should breathe and not trap sweat in against the body it will leave the horse sopping, fungus to breed and your horse to get sores. Often all it takes is another rug underneath to put a layer between the plastic and the horses body.

Please where can I buy mini horse rugs?


www.ebay.com.au(Put in a search for Mini Horses or Miniature Horses)

How do I measure my horse for a rug?

People often make the mistake of thinking the horses rug size is taken by their height well wrong and right.
Height needs to be taken into account for rug drop but the body length is usually the factor for rug size.
You need to measure from centre of the horses chest to where you wish the rug to end on the body usually just past the tail is a good position.

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