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I have been into horses all of my life but miniatures have played a major part of my life for the last few years. For such high maintainence animals it surprises me the lack of information or the trouble I have finding information on all sorts of things. With miniatures it seems like you are dealing with a whole different animal to a horse and there seems to be a lack of information for Australian Miniature Horses so I am hoping to coalate and provide information needed in the one area. Some of the things I have found is if you treat a Miniature Horse like a full grown one it can mean death to your Miniature so felt the need to publish a site. Thanks for reading and please come back as often as you like and need.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Horse Sneakers and Horse Boots for Miniatures

Ok probably best I don't comment for fear of incriminating either way :)

Horse Sneakers and Horse Boots for Miniatures: "Sneakers and shoes for Miniature Horses

Because of the popularity of Guide Horses, service horses and emotional support horses, there has been a increasing demand for sneaker and shoes for miniature hoses.

This is a design for an all-purpose sneaker for miniature horses. As demand grows, this design for all-purpose shoes for miniature horse may be the most popular.

This manufacturer proposed high-performance sneakers for miniature horses, hoping to target miniature horses that exercise regularly.

Miniature Horse Boots - Western Footwear
This design for miniature horse boots was proposed by a by a Taiwan manufacturer.

The high length protects the lower legs, but some Guide Horse users felt that the decorative spurs were a bit over-the-top.

Casual shoes for Miniature Horses

Some manufacturers proposed a line of casual shoes for miniature horses.
This fluffy sneaker design was proposed for casual miniature horse shoes in the design of a slipper.

Miniature Horse Shoes - Dress shoes

Some miniature guide horse owners have created custom horse shoes for formal occasions, as modeled here by a Guide Horse from Florida:

There are several smaller commercial manufacturers of horse boots and horse sneakers. One is Sabre Sneakers, who has graciously offered to donate boots for miniature horses in the Guide Horse program. Sabre Sneakers can be reached at (203) 322-9002. Another small manufacturer of shoes and boots for miniature horses is Supreme Equine Designs. They can be reached at (800) 447-6053.

The Guide Horse Foundation finds that most miniature horse handlers prefers sneakers for their miniature horses.